Days Byron Bay


where are all the ethical plus size brands?

Ethical Plus Size clothing brands are few and far between. Days was launched in 2017 and always intended to be a size-inclusive brand – albeit it wasn’t the IN thing back then. But apparently, that’s our thing, doing things before they’re the thing to do! Anyway, the fashion world, as I am sure you can all relate, got to me. I wasn’t this or that – and I just had to take a break. So, I closed my much-loved label and went to Therapy!! The last four years have been incredibly healing, but now I am back with a newfound determination not to compare, to not self-destruct but…. to just be. I am going to do me, and within that, hopefully, I can help you to be inclusivelyU!

My mission is to make every women feel beautiful in a Linen Dress.