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For years I spent my time making the imperfect, perfect. But is that what we need?

With such a massive focus on imperfection, we lose our focus on what we should be doing—lifting one another to be the best version of ourselves.

Some of you know that I was a dressmaker for years. It wasn’t the work that kept me going; it was the moments. The uplifting moments I had with women.

To spend a vulnerable moment with another woman and know at this moment, you can help this woman feel empowered within her skin. This is a choice, a choice to not judge but to embrace and support. All you need to see is her without jealously or spite.

Shot by Mel Carrero 2012. When she was chasing her dreams

Shot way back in 2012 with Mel Carrero, when she was chasing her dreams and being the amazing woman she is today.

Today I look in the mirror no longer a size 8 or even a 12, mostly a happy size 16, working every day to love myself, rejecting all those comments about my body shape, all those inclusive “chubby girl” comments. And I choose to say:

"Actually, Dude, I am really happy, and I love myself because this is what I have, and I am enough. Can I help you love yourself more?"

Today I urge you, when you look at other women walking past, smile. A simple smile can brighten a day, and it can be the effortless change we need to move forward without jealously and without spite.

Remember, we never know the other person’s journey. Let’s work together and create a ‘massive’ circle of empathy.

Our Days can only get brighter.

Leah xx

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