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Slow, Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

 Days Byron Bay Clothign is an Ethical & Sustainable fashion brand apart of the Australian Made and Slow Fashion movement, a movement also born to value and cherish others. Days is the way forward not only for fashion but also for women to understand their unique self.

We invite you to join our Journey.

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BUY A linen Dress Australia?

Unfortunately, many brands misrepresent themselves. 

“Design in Australia” 
“Owned and Operated in Australia”

The thing if it is an Australian brand, they’re all primarily Designed in Australia. Without any certifications, your Linen dress potentially would have been made offshore. If you have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted, it isn’t challenging to obtain Australian Made Certification on your Linen Dress Australia Garments.


Fast Fashion is a little like Tinder ‘disposable.’ That isn’t a society I wanna live in, do you?

Fast Fashion is solving an immediate need for self-satisfaction at the expense of other human beings. Much like when you meet someone romantically, and you say, “I’m not into one-night stands, it doesn’t do much for my self-worth, and they promise you the world to get what they need ‘SEX’! And then they don’t call. It leaves you feeling dirty, used, and undervalued. Well, “FAST FASHION” is like that—corporations using oppressed people to serve their needs.

Fashion & embracing body positivity

For years I spent my time making the imperfect, perfect. But is that what we need? With such a massive focus on imperfection, we lose our focus on what we should be doing—lifting one another to be the best version of ourselves.

It begins with a smile

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